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Item Details
Item Condition

The item has no signs of use, and comes with its original box, dust bag, and authenticity card (where relevant).


The item appears unused, with little to no signs of wear (e.g. clean interior, no or only very faint hardware scratches).

Very Good

The item has been used but very well taken care of, with only light signs of wear (e.g.small interior stain, or a few hardware scratches or scuffs).


The item has been used and has some minor flaws (e.g. stain/marks on the base, musty odour).


The item has been well loved and may have more obvious signs of wear (e.g. a deep scratch, or some exterior discolouration).


The item is in poor condition with significant signs of wear and tear. It may not be suitable for everyday use and / or may need restoring.

Any Extras?

Please indicate any original accessories that you are able to include:

Shoulder Strap
Authenticity Card
Bag Charm
Name Tag
Padlock & Key
Additional Information

Please indicate any additional information about your item.

Example: Does it include any other extras? When did you purchase it? How has it been taken care of? Does it show any signs of wear? What is the serial number?

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What do we accept?

We currently accept handbags from a selection of luxury brands. Check the accepted brands by selecting the “Brand” drop down on the form under Item Details.

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