Frequently Asked Questions

About MODES Resell
What is MODES Resell?
Which countries is this programme available in?
Who can I contact if I have any issues or additional questions?
Getting and accepting a quote
How do I submit my bag?
What brands are eligible?
Can I sell a bag that I didn’t originally purchase on MODES?
Can I sell more than one bag?
I’ve submitted my bag(s), when will I receive my quote? Why have I not received it yet?
How is the price I’m quoted for my bag(s) determined?
Will any fees be subtracted from the price that I am quoted?
What happens if I’m not happy with the quote?
Can the original price I’m quoted change after you receive my bag?
How long is my quote valid for?
How do I accept the quote that you have given me?
Why have I been asked to send additional photos?
How do I send in additional photos?
How will you assess the condition of my bag(s)?
Sending us your item
How do I send my bag? Are there any shipping costs?
How should I package my bag for collection?
Where can I find my shipping label and shipping instructions?
How do I reschedule my collection?
Is there a way to track the shipment status of my bag?
Where is my bag? How will I know when you have received it?
What happens if my item is lost?
What if I want my bag to be returned?
Bag verification process
What happens when you receive my bag? How long does the process take?
What happens to my bag(s) if it doesn’t pass your verification process?
Why would my bag(s) not pass the verification process?
How do you authenticate bag(s)?
Getting paid
How will I be paid?
Where can I spend my credit?
How long will it take to get paid?
Why haven't I been paid yet?
How long will my credit be valid for?
How can I see how much credit I have?
How can I use my credit?